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Pinnacle Posture Clinic – Osteopath Falmouth &
Mawnan Smith – Helping You Move Better

If you are looking to treat your neck, joint or back pain in the Falmouth, Mawnan Smith or Helston areas, you have arrived at the right place. Pinnacle Posture provides first class Osteopathy, Sports Massage and Medical Acupuncture. Our medically qualified practitioners provide a professional, relaxing and patient centred environment for patients.

We use evidence based research to assess, diagnose and treat many different conditions. We see patients suffering from acute injuries through to more chronic ailments. As a result of the number of approaches available, Pinnacle Posture provides each patient with relevant care.


Sports Massage

Medical Acupuncture


‘I attended Pinnacle Posture with a very sore back and severely inhibited  movement. They asked me a lot of questions, examined me and then treated me. The Osteo session gave me exercises to do and advised me on what would help to make me better. After 24 hours I rapidly started to improve and within a week I was pain free and had all my mobility back. I then returned for a follow up session and that was all I required. Highly recommended’.

Angus Cater

‘My first Osteopathic session at Pinnacle Posture was after a prolonged back pain issue. Quickly, I felt very welcomed and knew I could give them my full trust in the knowledge that they would diagnose and treat my back pain ASAP. I will be continuing to have sessions with them until I’m all fixed up.’

Damon Chase

‘My session at Pinnacle Posture was for my painful neck. Due to having to carry a heavy school bag every day and found my neck was getting worse. I had an Osteopathy treatment with Mike and found him to have a good sense of humour so I felt more relaxed. He worked on my neck and back and I felt better straight away. I ached a little bit the next day but it got better very quickly. Mum was happy because he checked my posture and said all was ok.  Thanks Mike’.

Luke Nicholas

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