October 2, 2018

The spinal discs are located between each vertebra of your spine. They act as shock absorbers to the forces affecting the spine. They allow flexibility and aid range of motion. As one ages, the discs can begin to break down. This is a normal process. Almost everybone's...

September 17, 2018


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September 14, 2018

The piriformis muscle is located in the buttock region, deep to the gluteus maximus muscle and runs in a diagonal direction. As it is attached to both the anterior sacrum and the upper portion of the femur, it plays an important role in external rotation of the hip (tu...

September 14, 2018


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April 5, 2018

Spinal discs are located in between the vertebrae. They play an important role in absorbing shock, supporting and accentuating many of the spinal movements.

The inner, jelly like, portion of a disc is called the nucleus pulposus whilst the tough, outer layer is called t...

April 2, 2018


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March 14, 2018

The main points to take away from the osteoporosis blog posts on Pinnacle Posture are as follows:

  • Femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD) can be increase by walking, however spinal BMD is unaffected.

  • Spinal BMD is likely to increase with an exercise program the...

February 13, 2018

There are many factors that are often overlooked when developing an exercise plan, yet they are no less important. These include (Moreira et al., 2017):

-Wearing tight fitting shoes.

-Wearing shoes with a grippy sole.

-Warming up prior to exercise.

-Maintaining the correct...

January 20, 2018

As we age, musculoskeletal conditions may arise that inhibit the ability to carry out impact and resistance exercises (Nordström, Nordström & Lorentzon, 2012). In these cases, low impact activities, such as aquatic exercises, are useful.

Due to the fact that bone respon...

December 27, 2017

When assessing postmenopausal, osteopenic women of a lower weight (n=70), vibration plates of a low frequency and intensity (30Hz, 0.2g) have been found to reduce the amount of bone loss both in the spine and femur (Rubin et al., 2004). In this study the vibration grou...

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