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Exercises to improve desk posture. Pec stretches.

yoga matt exercises to improve desk posture pec stretches

Exercises to improve desk posture. Keep your shoulders back.

In the previous blog ‘Exercises to improve desk posture. Keep your shoulders back’, information and various exercises to strengthen the Rhomboid musculature were provided. This blog will provide you with a stretch that helps improve desk posture.

This exercise is:

  • Pectoralis minor stretch

Why this stretch?

This stretch focuses on the pectorals minor muscle. As the pectorals minor muscle attaches between the front of the scapula (the two big bones at the top of the back on each side) and the rib cage, tension in this muscles pulls each scapula forwards (protraction).

Furthermore, a reduction in pectorals minor length can lead to a protracted and anterior tilted scapula. This can lead to a reduction of subacromial space width. Therefore an increased risk of shoulder conditions.

Where is pectorals minor located?

pectoralis minor pec stretch to improve desk posture

Pectorals minor is attached to both the upper portion of the scapula (coracoid process to be specific), and ribs 3-5. It is located in the centre of the associated image.

The Exercise.

There are various was to stretch the pectorals minor muscle (doorway stretch, manual stretch by a qualified practitioner). The stretch provided today is one that can be performed at home.

Pectoralis minor home stretch.

  1. Lie on your back with a rolled towel in between your shoulder blades.

  2. The towel should run along the spine in an upward/downward direction.

  3. Relax in to this position.

  4. You should feel a stretch in the location of pectoralis minor in the image above.

  5. Due to the direction of the muscle fibres (see image above), adding a slight elevation to the scapula (shrugging the shoulders upwards slightly) will increase the stretch.

  6. The elevation can be repeated and held for 10 seconds per repetition.

  7. The full cycle of repetitions should not last more than a minute.

A thank you note…

Finally, Pinnacle Posture thanks you for reading this blog post. We hope you liked it. Importantly, please share it via social media and direct it to those that it may help. After all, a reduction in pain, a chance to continue in a sport or even an eased concern can change someone’s world.

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