How to reduce back pain during pregnancy. Exercises and advice.

How to reduce back pain during pregnancy. Exercises and advice.

Backache during pregnancy is very common, particularly in the early stages.

This blog with provide information on:

  • Relevant anatomy

  • Tips to ease/avoid back pain during pregnancy.

  • Exercises to reduce backache during pregnancy.

What is the relevant anatomy?

Bones are connected together by ligaments. These are usually tough and strong to deal with the forces of everyday life.

However, during pregnancy the ligaments become softer and more stretchy to prepare one for labour.

Furthermore, as less force is taken by the looser ligaments, more forced is placed on the muscles and joints of the lower back or pelvis. Lastly, this can cause pain.

What can I do to reduce back pain during pregnancy?

Here are some tips and lifestyle advice to reduce back pain during pregnancy:

  • Get a massage.

  • Bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting an object off the floor.

  • Avoid heavy lifting.

  • Move your feet when turning around. This avoids a twist through the back.

  • Distribute your weight more evenly by wearing flat shoes.

  • Distribute any bags through both arms.

  • Keep your back straight (neutral) when sitting. Use a maternity support pillow.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Use a mattress with proper support.

What exercises can I do to reduce back pain during pregnancy?

This gentle exercise can strengthen your stomach (abdominal) muscles and reduce back pain during pregnancy:

  • Start on all fours (box position), with knees under hips, hands under shoulders and your back straight.

  • Pull in your stomach muscles. This will raise your back towards the ceiling. Allow your head and bum to relax down towards the floor. Don’t lock your elbows.

  • Hold for a few seconds.

  • Return to box position. Avoid hollowing your back. It should only return to a straight/neutral position.

  • Repeat this process ten times.

  • Only move your back as far as you can comfortably.

Prenatal yoga and aquanatal classes (exercise in water) can also help build the muscular support to reduce back ache during pregnancy.

When to get help for back pain during pregnancy.

Contact your GP as soon as possible if you have back pain and you:

  • Are in your third trimester.

  • Have a fever, are bleeding from your vagina, have pain when you pee.

  • Experience a lose feeling in one or both of your legs, your bum, or your genitals.

  • Have pain in one or both of your sides.

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