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Why is there pain in the outside of my elbow? What is tennis elbow?

Why is there pain in the outside of my elbow? What is tennis elbow?

Why is there pain in my forearm? What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition that causes pain around the outside of the elbow and forearm. Clinically, it is know as ‘lateral epicondylitis’. This blog with provide:

  • Relevant anatomy.

  • Activities that often cause it.

  • Signs and symptoms.

  • Relevant treatment approaches.

What is the anatomy of the elbow?

Muscle elbow anatomy

Many muscles are situated on the posterior forearm (back of your forearm – the non-palm side). Specifically, they run down

the back of the forearm.

At the hand end, they attach to either the back of the wrist or the back of the fingers. At the elbow end, these muscles feed in to a single tendon. Specifically the ‘common extensor tendon’ which attaches in to the elbow.

Importantly, these muscles pull your wrist back or help straighten your fingers.

What causes tennis elbow?

If the muscles on the back of the forearm are overused, tiny tears can occur. Specifically in either the muscles or the common extensor tendon. Anything that overuses these muscles can cause tennis elbow. Some of the activities include:

  • Computer use

  • Musical instruments

  • Computer games

  • Writing

  • Tattoing

What are the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow?

signs and symptoms of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can cause pain when:

  • Lifting or bending your elbow.

  • Gripping.

  • Writing.

  • Twisting your forearm (such as turning a door handle).

  • Typing.

  • Pain on the outside of your upper forearm or outside of your elbow.

What can help tennis elbow?

  • Osteopathy.

  • Rest.

  • A cold compress (wrapped in a towel) to the outside of the forearm for a few minutes. Several times a day.

A thank you note.

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