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Why is there pain in the sole of my foot? What is plantar fasciitis?

Why is there pain in the sole of my foot? What is plantar fasciitis?

Why is there pain in the sole of my foot? What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the foot. Specifically, the sole of the foot and the underside of the heel. It is caused by irritation of the strong band of tissue on the sole of the foot. Scientifically known as the ‘plantar fascia’. This can be due to repetitive use or poor foot posture.

This blog with provide information on:

  • Relevant anatomy

  • Activities that often cause it

  • Signs and symptoms

  • Relevant treatment approaches

What is the anatomy of the foot?

sole of foot pain plantar fasciitis

The muscles on the back of the shin bone (tibia) run down the back of the shin. They attach in to the heel bone (calcaneus). Importantly, on the underside of the heel bone a thick band of connective tissue (known as the plantar fascia) attaches. Furthermore, the plantar fascia runs down the sole of the foot and attaches to the ends of the five metatarsals (roughly at the beginning of the toes).

What causes plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis may develop for a variety of reasons. Some examples include:

  • Poor arch support or cushioning in your shoes

  • Tight calf muscles

  • Poor foot posture

  • Being overweight

  • Participation in work or activities that require lots of time on your feet

What are the signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

sole of foot pain plantar fasciitis signs and symptoms

  • Usually a gradual onset of pain

  • Pain/tenderness in the arch or heel of the foot

  • Pain with the first few steps of the day

  • Walking short distances may improve the pain

  • Walking longer distances may worsen the pain

  • Pain with sudden stretching of the sole of the foot

  • Flat or unsupportive shoes may worsen the pain

  • Prolonged standing may worsen the pain

What can help plantar fasciitis?

  • Relevant stretches and exercises prescribed from a musculoskeletal specialist

  • Initially avoiding excessive activities that worsen the condition

  • Avoid walking barefoot initially

  • Wearing shoes with an arch or heel support

  • Anti-inflammatory medication may help control the pain

  • Applying a cold compress through a towel to the sole of the foot for 10 minutes to reduce inflammation

  • Orthotics

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