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The Team

Pinnacle Posture works alongside other professionals (such as personal trainers) within local premises. Importantly, we are frequently in contact with one another, therfore enabling referrals where neccessary.


Furthermore, Pinnacle Posture is also in contact with all local GP surgeries and relevant complementary healthcare services. As a result, each patient is placed on the correct treatment path.



Michael graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Whilst at University, he also gained a Diploma in Sports Massage. After University, he furthered his studies by qualifying as a Medical Acupuncturist. Consequently, he will use all three therapies individually or combine them, depending on the condition.
Most notably, Michael assesses aspects of the patient’s lifestyle that may contribute to their condition. He believes that incorporating advice regarding these factors into an Osteopathic treatment will provide further benefit. Furthermore, he looks past the presenting condition to identify any underlying causes. He then treats the condition using a range of techniques, advice and exercises aiming to prevent the condition returning.
As well as providing Osteopathic treatment, Michael has regular contact with, and may refer patients to, other medical professionals to ensure that his patients always receive the most appropriate medical treatment.

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